GoDaddy 說明


GoDaddy Marketing's service helps you get your local business listed on Google search and maps. However, Google has some restrictions on what type of business information it accepts.


Note: This service is only available for GoCentral Business Plus and eCommere customers within the United States.


To use GoDaddy Marketing’s Google My Business service, your business must have a valid USPS mailing address, a non-toll-free local phone number, and qualify as an eligible business. A GoDaddy data quality representative may contact you to correct any errors in your business information. It will not be published to our partner sites until all issues are corrected. Here are some common errors that our partners will not accept:




  • 屬於其他公司且非您附屬企業的地址
  • 郵政信箱
  • 郵局或郵寄服務公司
  • 地址不在 USPS 資料庫中 (如果您有新的或未登記的地址,請前往您當地的郵局,請郵局人員將地址新增到國家 USPS 資料庫中)。


You must provide an active local, non-toll-free number to use GoDaddy Marketing’s Google My Business service. Phone numbers should direct customers to your business and be reachable during operating hours. Do not provide numbers that redirect or "refer" customers to third-party services.


  • 無法與貴公司聯絡的電話號碼。
  • 免付費電話號碼 (區碼/開頭為 800、855、866、877、888 等)。
  • 空號

    Note: All GoDaddy Marketing’s Google My Business applicants receive verification calls during their posted business hours to maintain accurate business information. Businesses that cannot be reached and verified may be rejected.


感謝您提供意見。 若要與客戶服務代表聯絡,請撥打支援中心電話號碼,或使用上方的對話選項。
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