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Drive marketing from one dashboard.

Digital Marketing Suite has all the tools you need for your small business to stay connected to your customers, beyond your website. Create and manage social, ads, emails and reviews — all from one dashboard.

GoDaddy Studio


Get the free app. Design your brand in minutes.

Create a professional logo, engaging social media posts, and relevant images for your website. All from an app, no design skills needed — draw inspiration from thousands of customizable templates.

Never miss an opportunity — Marketing Planner.

Marketing Planner notifies you of 200+ upcoming events to engage more customers. Create tailor-made content from templates to post on social and email.

Feat Dsm Marketing Planner

Engage with social and email.

Target customers with social content and easy-to-create emails to reinforce your brand.

Feature 3 Plan Publish

Get found with SEO.

Get your site Google-ready to help customers find your business.

Feat Dms Get Found With Seo

By the numbers.

Real numbers that prove how GoDaddy Digital Marketing Suite can work for your business.


Social Ads:

Website traffic increases over 6x when running ads on Facebook and Instagram.


50x increase in engagement when boosting posts on Facebook.

Email Marketing:

Website traffic grows 4x and sales increase by 6x.


Users saw 2x more website traffic and 2.5x more traffic from Google.

Feat Dms By The Numbers

Included with Digital Marketing Suite.

From your single dashboard, create standout marketing and optimize your small business:

Search Engine Optimization.

Get found on Google and other search engines with a built-in search engine optimizer.

Analytics and Reporting.

Track your marketing success with platform, post, and email analytics.

GoDaddy Studio content creator.

Create branded content using professional, customizable templates from GoDaddy Studio.

Tailored planner tool.

Customized action plans showing you what to work on next to keep improving.

Social ads and boosting.

Boost your social media posts and advertise on social media from your GoDaddy dashboard.

25,000 email sends per month.

Compose email campaigns from your dashboard, get more subscribers with sign-up forms.

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GoDaddy Guide

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Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any type of marketing that’s done online. It comprises five major areas: Search Engine Optimization (more commonly known as SEO), Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Business Listings — which we cover in detail below. The main thing to know about Digital Marketing is that it can deliver incredible results at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Suite gives you one place to manage all these major areas, so you can spend less time figuring out different platforms and jumping from site to site and more time getting results and focusing on your customers.

What is GoDaddy Studio?

GoDaddy Studio is a content creation tool available as an app in both desktop and mobile. Build your brand and professional content quickly and effortlessly by using social media posts, stories, digital ads, promotions and other branded content – and best of all, you don’t need design skills to create them.

With GoDaddy Studio you can:

·      Get inspired with thousands of templates to create on-trend content.

·      Make your logo unique and recognizable.

·      Create designs with your preferred fonts, stock images and graphics.

·      Create thumb-stopping online videos.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is exactly what it sounds like — optimizing your site for search engines so you get the highest rank possible. This involves everything from technical elements like header tags and alt text to simply writing good content that is useful to your users. Most midsize-to-large companies have individuals (and even entire departments) dedicated to SEO, but smaller companies need to rely on other methods to compete.

Our Digital Marketing Suite includes SEO tools anyone can use, even if you don’t know the first thing about websites. Just answer some basic question about your business, and our SEO tools will give you direction on what you can do to improve your SEO through your content.

What is Paid Search?

Paid Search is the flip side of SEO. While SEO is focused on “organic” search results — those that occur due to a site’s relevance, structure, etc. — Paid Search are the ads you see on the above, below and to the right of organic search results. Like SEO, Paid Search cannot be easily explained in a short paragraph, it requires understanding effective keywords, the competitive landscape, and other factors.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is marketing your business by sending emails to new and prospective customers. While the overall concept is simple, other things to consider are: best practices and federal laws relating to email marketing.

The email marketing component of our Digital Marketing Suites guides you through each step; from building your mailing list to creating emails to analyzing the results. It also ensures that everything you do is within the law, so you won’t be labeled a spammer.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Chances are you’re already doing some Social Media Marketing. Anytime you post about your business on social media, you’re marketing it. It’s very straightforward, but it’s also very time consuming. Shifting from one platform to the next to make sure you’re showing up everywhere you need to be is a full-time job.

Digital Marketing Suite solves this issue by giving you a single dashboard to manage your profiles on Facebook and Instagram as well as address customer comments and reviews on Google’s Business Listing. The dashboard also includes your SEO controls, so you can manage all of your digital marketing efforts from one convenient, centralized location.

What are Business Listings?

Often overlooked in the realm of digital marketing, is business listings. Business listings appear when customers search on Google Maps. These listings are often created automatically, which means the information is pulled from whatever records are available, and these listings are often outdated and have missing or incorrect information (old address, phone number, wrong website name).

With Digital Marketing Suite, we help put you in control of information to be displayed, so you can always be sure that it’s complete and up to date. Better yet, when you create or update your Business Listing in Digital Marketing Suite, your information is automatically applied across multiple sites. That saves you the effort, and your customers always find the right info.