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What is Discount Domain Club?

Discount Domain Club can save you money if you register a lot of domains, without catches or gimmicks - just honest-to-goodness savings. Being a member of Discount Domain Club gives you access to lower prices for many domains that you purchase. The savings you get depends on the plan type you decide to go with.

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How does Discount Domain Club work?

Discount Domain Club is a membership-based program specifically designed for people frequently registering domain names. It doesn't require set up, and discounts will be automatically applied to domain purchases after you've purchased Discount Domain Club. Membership is open to anyone and is valid for one year after the purchase date, or for as long as you renew it.

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Discount Domain Club gives the lowest domain prices on the Web with no minimum to buy on everything from .com and .net, to next-gen domains like .nyc, .club and .city, depending on the plan you choose. You'll have peace of mind that you're getting bigger savings for each domain you'll be registering, transferring and renewing. If you're an investor managing a large domain portfolio, our Premium plan will save you the most money overall. And if you're a small business owner looking to branch out, our Basic plan can help you save money while you grow.

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What plans are available?

We have two different plans available for Discount Domain Club so you can decide which plan works best for you based on annual pricing, discount amounts and additional features. You can choose Basic or Premium Discount Domain Club, depending on what suits your needs best.

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What types of domains are included with Discount Domain Club?

Discounts are limited to the base tier for participating domain extensions, and are available for new registrations, pre-registration, renewals, and transfers. Discount pricing may not apply for premium tier domains. The Premium Discount Domain Club plan supports more than 400 domain extensions, and the Basic plan offers discounts on 11 domain extensions. Take a look at our full list of supported domain extensions.

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Can I use other discounts with Discount Domain Club?

No. Domain names you purchase through your Discount Domain Club membership are not eligible for other promotions or discounts.

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What if I purchased Premium Discount Domain Club membership but already have GoDaddy Auctions® or CashParking®

You receive a one-year memberships to GoDaddy Auctions® and CashParking® with your Discount Domain Club membership. These additional memberships are free for the first year, then they'll need to be renewed normally.

  • If you already have a CashParking® Basic account, you can upgrade to a premium account at no additional charge, or receive an additional CashParking® Premium account.
  • If you already have a CashParking® Premium account, you receive an additional CashParking® Premium account, or you can apply a free one-year renewal to your existing account at no additional charge.
  • If you already have a GoDaddy Auctions® account, you receive a free one-year renewal for that account.

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What happens if I cancel Domain Discount Club?

You can cancel your Domain Discount Club at any time, and refunds are dependent on the refund policy. Premium Domain Discount Club gives you one-year memberships to GoDaddy Auctions® and CashParking®. Canceling your Premium plan won't remove these memberships from your account and they'll remain in your account until they expire. You won't be able to purchase another Discount Domain Club plan until the GoDaddy Auctions® and CashParking® memberships have also been canceled.

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Okay I've purchased Discount Domain Club—what's next?

You're all set! You don't need to set up your new Discount Domain Club plan. Your savings will automatically show in your cart during checkout for new registrations, pre-registration, renewals, and transfers.

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