Using email forwarding

Email forwarding allows you to direct incoming messages from one email address to another. Our mail servers redirect messages sent to a forwarded email address to the email address you specify. We do not store email messages sent to forwarded email addresses on our servers; we forward them.

If you want to forward messages to a mailbox that exists in your Hosted Exchange account you should create an alias instead.

To forward mail to multiple addresses, you can forward to a distribution lists. For more information about forwarding email to your distribution lists, see Managing Hosted Exchange Email Distribution Lists.

Exchange 2010 accounts do not support forwarding to distribution lists. If you need to know which version of Exchange your mailbox uses, see Finding your email version.

You can add forwarded email addresses to your organizations. You cannot use the same address as both an email address and a forwarded email address.

To Add Email Forwarding in Hosted Exchange Email

  1. In the Hosted Exchange Email Manager, open the folder of the organization for which you want to add a forwarded email address.
  2. Click the Email Forwards folder.
  3. Above your list of Email Forwards, click Add Email Forward, complete the on-screen fields, and then click OK.
    Select Plan
    Select the Hosted Exchange Email plan you want to use.
    User name
    Enter a user name for the forwarded email address that you want to create.
    From the domain list, select the domain you want to associate with this forwarded email address.
    Forward Mail To
    Enter the email address to which you want email messages forwarded.

To remove an email forwarding account, select it, click Delete, and then click OK.

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