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Set a backup payment method

You can set backup payment methods to help protect the auto-renewal of your products. If there is a problem with the payment method associated with your renewal, we may try to use internal payment options (for example, In-Store Credit or Good as Gold) before attempting your remaining, most recently used backup payment methods.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy Payment Methods page. You might be prompted to log in.
  2. Select the Icon of three vertical dots menu next to the payment method you want to set as a backup. Select Enable as Backup.
    • If the payment method is already set as backup payment, you have the option to Disable as Backup.
    • Enable as Backup is not available if your card is expired. Select Edit to update the expiration date prior to enabling as a backup.
    • In-Store Credit is automatically enabled as a backup payment method.
  3. A Backup Payment label will appear in the lower-left corner.

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