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Searching for domains in GoDaddy Auctions®

Use keywords to search the domain name inventory on GoDaddy Auctions®. You can use filters to perform an advanced search, then save your search to use again later.

  1. Go to the GoDaddy Auctions® page and log in to your account. (Need help logging in? Find your username or password.)
    select domain
  2. Enter the domain or keywords in the top search bar to perform a Basic Search.
  3. Select Advanced Search to search using additional filters. Then, use any of the following filters to narrow your search and select Run Search.  For more information about a filter, click its alt name for the image icon.
    • Keywords: Search for listings that match, begin with, contain, or end with your keywords.
    • Price: Search for listings that have a Buy Now price, minimum offer, or current high bid (7-Day Auctions only) between the minimum and maximum values you enter.
    • Type: Search by auction type.
    • Extensions: Search for different domain extensions. Not all domain extensions are supported by GoDaddy Auctions®. You can also use this list to determine if you can sell a particular domain extension through GoDaddy Auctions®.
    • Characters: Search by domain name length, the presence of dashes or digits, and patterns of dashes, characters, vowels and numbers.
    • Attributes: Search by category and listing options, such as Buy Now, website, appraisal, featured or sale status.
    • # of bids: Search for listings with more than, less than, or exactly the number of bids you enter.
    • Ending In: Search by a listing’s end date.
    • Traffic: Search for listings by the estimated minimum and maximum number of site visitors per month. Traffic data will only show for expired auctions.
    • Domain Age: Search by how long the domain has been registered. Domain age will only show for expired auctions.
  4. Select Run Search to see the results of your selected filters.
  5. Save your search by selecting Save Search in the Advanced Search menu or create a new saved search by selecting Add New below the Saved Searches drop down.
  6. Select Add a Daily Email Report to have emails sent to your inbox for new domains that match your search criteria.

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