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In plain language, a gTLD (short for “generic top-level domain”) is a new domain extension that recently hit the market or that’s less mainstream than web addresses like .com or .net. The longer a domain extension has been around, the more competition there is for something catchy. So while gTLDs might technically be “generic domain names,” they give you the freedom to be anything but.

You’ll discover there are tailor-made gTLDs for all kinds of people, from farmers (.farm) to doctors (.doctor) — and even names so creative it’s up to you how to use them. Once you find a name you love, just complete the registration process to start using your shiny new gTLD.

Get more options.

Tried-and-true domain extensions might be more recognizable, sure, but they’ve usually been around so long that most of the shorter and catchier ones are taken. If your perfect .com or .net is taken, a gTLD gives you another shot at the perfect domain. Search new domain extensions, find the right fit and make your idea real.

Claim your niche.

Registering a new gTLD domain is a great way to create a descriptive, memorable brand in your niche. Grab one to show off your .photography online. Or let people know you’re a real .guru at what you do.

Protect your brand.

If you already have a domain with a traditional extension, register gTLDs that match it (like if you already have It’ll protect you from bad actors looking to hijack the reputation you worked so hard to build.